Choosing a Venue for Live Music in Chicago

Chicago is the birthplace of some of the most popular blues bands in the country. Freddie King, Eddie Guy, and many other famous musicians have helped make Chicago a popular Blues destination. The city also has a number of other awesome music venues worth checking out.

Here are some of the places that you may want to look at. You can read the post-Chicago's Diverse Entertainments: Live Show, Jazz, Comedy and More! #travel for more information about Chicago’s music scene.


The Metro is an awesome music club that can serve up to 150 patrons at any given time. Many blues and rock legends have performed there, including Bob Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins and Prince of Nirvana.
The venue hosts several great shows every week. They host internships for aspiring creative professionals, which allows them to bring in some of the best, fresh talent. There is a wide variety of events and types of music that can appeal to all ages. Anyone can be admitted to most events, but the ones in the bar are restricted to people over 21.

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Township is a popular new bar on N. California St. Some of the biggest new musicians in the city got their start there after failing to gain any recognition playing at other venues in Chicago. Many national bands also come during their tours.

The venue is open about 18 hours a day and has a show almost every night.  Township updates its site regularly so you can see what new performers are coming up.

Smart Bar

Smart Bar is a great venue located right underneath the Metro on North Clark St. Only people over 21 are allowed admittance.

While the Metro is popular among many Blues fans, Smart Bar caters to people that are more interested in electric rock. Many of the greatest performers in the city, including Shawn Rudiman, Michael Serafini and Garrett David. There is a great performance almost every day of the week.

The Beat Kitchen

The Best Kitchen is another great place to go to see awesome performers. It may take a little while for the venue to grow on you, though. It has a little bit of a dive bar feeling, but it is still a pleasant atmosphere.

It is a pretty small place, which makes it easy to feel a connection with the band. Many patrons that have visited said that they have actually engaged with the performers afterward.

Double Door

Double Door is a pretty cool venue to check out. The layout itself isn’t perfect. Some of the pillars are inconveniently placed in the middle of the floor, which can obstruct the view of the performers. However, many great events are held throughout the week.

Patrons have said that Double Door always has some awesome performers. Most of the artists are new, but there are some popular performers as well. Most of them tend to cater to the hipster crowd, but there are plenty of other people that may want to visit the Double Door as well.


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